Mostafa (Mohammad Reza) Fallah's Resume

C#, Classic ASP, ASPX, PHP, VC6, C++Builder, Delphi , Joomla Programmer

                             Windows Service , Web Service And SPHINX Database Indexing System


                                                    Mashhad, Iran
                                                    Experience since 1998, C# since 2000

                                                    Birth Date : 11 Dec 1982



Academic Career

Diploma :

Imam Hossein Computer High School .    June 1998

Associated Degree : Montazeri College.  Feb 2001
BA:  Khayyam University.  Sep 2008
The title of my BA thesis was "Project Manage "  And  "Advertisement Dynamic Portal" . 
It was a research on "COM+" technology and developing a web based 
project that controls developing progress on projects at any kind and you can manage the Advertisement.



Principal Technical Experiments 

Honafa Co Senior Developer 1999 to 2002

Pegah Co

Project Manager 2002 to 2004

Intelligent Systems Co

Senior Developer 2004
Intelligent Systems Co Project Manager 2005
Intelligent Systems Co Development Unit Manger-Project Manager 2006 - 2008
Sazab Co Software Unit Manger 2008 - 2009
Realty NA Inc Development - Support Unit Manager - 2009-2011
Kimya Corporation Software Unit Manager - 2011 Till Now
Bitnegar Corporation Head Manager - 2012 Till Now



Managing IT Projects
Windows Programming ( C# , Visual Basic , C++ Builder and Delphi)
Database Administration (SQL Server 2000 , MYSQL)
Web Programming ( ASPX (Dot net) , ASP, PHP , Joomla)
Service Programming ( Windows Service , Web Service)



Bazrasi Organization Application (APP) , 1999, Honafa Co
Agents for M-Commerce, 2000-2001, Honafa Co
Diary, a web based diary for companies, 2001, Honafa Co
Task Management System, a powerful web based task management system, 2001-2002, Honafa Co
Sydney Opera House , a web based project to order online opera house Sydney, 2002, Honafa Co
Khorasan Miras Organization Official Web Site (, a web site to introduce Miras Farhangi Organization, 2001, Honafa Co
Australian Federal Court , a web based program for law tasks and ... , 2002, Honafa Co
File Sphere , a SDK and application for managing files and folders in the Official Microsoft Products ... , 2002 2003  Honafa Co
System Calculatora system to calculate polls and check - 2003 Pegah Co
Online Shopping System, a powerful web based online shopping, 2003-2004, Pegah Co
7TA7 Accounting, a web site to check internet account , shop online and ... ,based for members only , 2003-2004, Pegah Co
RadanToos Business CO, a web site based on business,industry  and mechanic , 2004 Pegah Co
MIS, a SDK project helping developers to work on official projects easily, 2004-2005, Intelligent System Co

MIS Ostandari Organization , a Powerful web based project manage any systems on Ostandari Organization , 2005, Intelligent System Co

Women-Kr.Ir , a Powerful web based portal manage any modules on MPO Organization - Women DataBase , 2005, Intelligent System Co

Khorasan-TvTo.Ir , a Powerful web based portal manage any modules on Fani Herfeei Organization , 2005, Intelligent System Co

Suggestion System , a web project for manage suggestion system on Nezam Mohandesi Organization , 2004
Plunder Heritage , a web site based on 7th Congress of Plunder Heritage , 2005 , Pegah Co
Mashhad Council Research , a web site based on Suggestion and Researching , 2005 ,Pegah Co
Rayan Tech CO , a web site based on Automation and industry and ... , 2005 Pegah

MIS MPO Organization , a Powerful web based project manage any systems on Khorasan MPO Organization , 2006, Intelligent System Co

Bazargani ICT Plan , a project that make a ICT plan on Bazargani Organization , 2006, Intelligent System Co

Iran Thailand Portal ( , a portal that give information about tourists who want to travel Thailand  , 2006, Pegah Co
Kerman Tebyan Portal   ( a Powerful web based portal manage any modules on Kerman Tebyan Organization - , 2006, Intelligent System Co
Khorasan Tebyan Portal   ( a Powerful web based portal manage any modules on Khorasan Tebyan Organization - , 2006, Intelligent System Co
Maskan Sazan Organization MIS , a Powerful web based project manage Official systems on Maskan Sazan Organization , 2007, Intelligent System Co
Elmi Karbordi Behzisti University Portal   ( , a Powerful web based project manage any systems on Elmi Karbordi University Organization , 2007, Intelligent System Co
Insurance Eagles ( , a website for Insurance Eagles Group   , 2008
Sazab Co Website , a Powerful web site (, 2008, Sazab Co
Project Management System , a Powerful Delphi Application To Give Reports to Managers Of Company on Sazab Co , 2008, Sazab Co
SMS Panel , a Powerful SMS Panel  Sarebane Shargh , 2009
Property System , a Powerful Property System component on Joomla with Some Plugins Module and ... Like Membership and Calendar  , 2010-2011 , Realty NA Inc
Shopternet , a Powerful Windows Application for managing Shopping Orders and Goods   , 2010 , Realty NA Inc
Working With XML Objects , Receiving and Sending data between websites through Joomla   , 2010 , Realty NA Inc
Imen Azma ( , a Joomla website for Imen Azma Corporation   , 2011
Excel Manager (more than 10 C# Applications) , a Poewrfull Windows Application To do everything with Excel   , 2011 till 2013, Kimya
Kimya Websites , , ,   , 2011 , Kimya
Nozha Corporation , 2012 , Bitnegar
Khorasan Newspaper - Searching Part of Website (Sphinx Technology) , 2012 , Bitnegar

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